“softer than cotton wool pads”

“cleanses skin better than cotton wool”

I spied, these facial cloths in asda while shopping and bought these along with their oil blotting sheets. I use a modified version of oil cleansing TO cleanse (i don’t use a facial wash cloth to remove the oil, i use cotton wool) so i decided to pick these up.

They do work much better than cotton wool. They cleanse more of the skin in a shorter time. They remove makeup and dirt excellently. They are also much softer on the skin.

The only problem is their weird composition. Water seems to “bounce” off them, also once you clean one side of the skin with the cloth the dirt appears on both sides, so you’re Not sure if you’ve already used it. This creates more waste since you use more cloth. Once you get the hang of it, its OK.

I really like these and will continue to use these. I think that they are great for removing makeup, with a cream/oil cleansers and also nail polish removing. I think Kleenex have produced a really good product and i hope its not discontinued. If i can recall correctly they are £1.80

A bit grubby soz