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Pastel/ Candy and coral shades are supposed to be “in” this Spring/summer.
Well I’ve been searching for a really nice mint green since i was thoroughly disappointed by Collection 2000’s Button moon shade. Its a lovely colour, but it goes on streaky, the brush is bizarre its gloopy and just awful. I love the colour though. I have been looking for an affordable version, still haven’t found it, but decided on these two polishes.

Turntable is the dark mint green and the coral orange is Dance Craze
L.A Girl nail polishes are in a lot of Afro hair shops and they have a massive range of colours and every polish is priced at £1.99 or around it. I bought these two from the “Disco Brites” collection, which are colours that apparently glow in UV light and they have cute 70s music orientated names.

The polishes are not too watery but you do need as you do with every nail polish to use a base and a top coat. A base coat will protect your nails from discolouration and make sure your nails last longer. Also when doing house work etc try and wear rubber or latex gloves to cut down on chipping.

L.A Girl polishes are available online and I’m not sure whether they are related to the L.A Colors brand. L.A girl has a website and the colour swatches are quite close to the real thing

Its been 3 days and no chipping. I applied two or three coats(oh my i can’t remember)
What do you think of the colours? I did each hand, i say coral my sister says green.