For around two maybe three years a brand has popped up in my local Afro hair shops( or BSS’s in the USA) Doris Micheals. Although the name to me springs to mind a romantic novelist( i can just imagine Doris Micheals like Barbara Cartland reclining on a chaise lounge chair ordering her minions to make makeup) she is actually a real lady not a random brand name.

This is a three part review i will be reviewing her bronzer, terracotta blush and her eyeshadow pallette. Firstly the Bronzer

Okayy thennnn first off. I love this bronzer. I use it on top of any blusher i use or alone as a blusher. It is shimmery without looking glittery or sparkly like most cheap bronzers do. It really warms up my face and I’ve had it sitting in my room for, maybe a year and never used it. It comes in two shades light and dark, and i bought light. Its a semi matte shade in my opinion, i just love it. My camera phone has broken and this is a photo i took in the umm Asda changing rooms( don’t judge me!!!) I’m really sorry for the poor quality photos, i promise to take a swatch on my inner arm tonight and post it up.

The bad. The packaging is fine for me but i think for most people it would seem quite 70s. I find the looks on the website and some of the product colours to be quite dated. Very 90s ( check my 90s makeup post) a lot of purples, browny reds and just general darkness( said in rick James on Dave Chappelles show voice).

Her website has good makeup tips also, although i don’t agree that you always have to wear foundation to me its not essential to me. I have seen a wide array of foundations although i have never used them myself. I mean i see a lot of women buying the products but i have seen nothing online. My bronzer cost £3.99 although i think i got it cheaper because it was like a new deal thing, but i will be repurchasing again for sure

(PS. I know you love my cossack hat)