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Anyhew it has been ages, a new year, a new day a new dawn!
Where have i been, just mooching around. Blog writing is haaaaaard.
Anyway i now make a solemn promise to post regularly.

Now i’ll ease in with quite a short simple post.
An ode to soap.

Now i have *extra extra this just in! Dry skin* and i try and keep an eye on natural ingredients( sometimes) so i found a soap that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and works great and has few ingredients – Saponified olive oil, water and mineral salts. Thats it.

Oliva olive oil soap

It is not drying to my skin( i use it on my body only)
has a very faint smell. I can’t really desribe it( i asked my brother- according to him it smells like oily chalk). It lathers up quite well, which is usually a concern for some people.
Having used this for over a year it has become a staple, its quite readily available( Holland and Barretts on the high street) and online. It seems it is something of a cult classic- I’m late.

Green box, rectangle slab, no frills but a great product.

For 89p (i’ve seen it at up to £1.15) usually, its not outrageously priced like the majority of natural products. So if you have dry or sensitive skin give it a try.