Wet and Wild is a budget American cosmetics brand that i had heard was good on the web. I didn’t know that it had launched in England but it had- via the web. So i had high hopes when a few months ago everything was on sale. I was sorely disappointed and my wetnwild products were destined never to see the light of day until about 6 weeks ago when scrambling round for a mascara my stubby fingers clasped this. Wet and Wild’s Mega Wink Mascara.
This is a bloody good mascara. It is a curved wand mascara that is smaller than usual(its not pocket sized- but smaller than the average mascara tube) and it may be a placebo but i feel it defines and lengthen my lashes. ( i always use lash curlers so the curl factor is not something i’m looking for). I would put it on a par with Bourjois/Maybelline and other drugstore/chemist/non high-end mascara’s i have used in the past. For £1.99 it is a bargain! Apart from this and the lip liners everything else i used was awful, and this is the only thing i will ever repurchase.