At Superdrug Collection 2000 dazzle me! Eye dust, is half price , i think each pot is just under £1.50 till the end of the month, so i thought i would do a post on them.
I’ve used them sporadically for the last year or two and for bright colours at cheap prices that last i think they are great for experimentation and cheaper than many of the other bedazzled /razzle/glam/fairy pot/ eye pollen dusts, which are produced by nearly all makeup brands at the drugstore( what is the english version, chemist?, just doesn’t sound right)

Using my 8 year old glamorous assistant Nadia , i used Collection 2000 dazzle me! Eye dust in sugarplum. It is a cute colour which is quiteiridescent and multifaceted, it looks like you are actually wearing two eyeshadows as it starts off a golden lemony colour before developing into the pink.
The crappy Camera phone pictures do not do it justice and although it is twinkly it is not glittery as the pictures suggest.

They actually last a decent amount of time too( i have dry lids though so factor them in)
They have a lot of shades and if you don’t like it at least you haven’t paid too much.
The website

Available at all Superdrugs to the best of my knowledge