Laval Cosmetics are a cheap brand of make up that you usually find in the chemist, the market and little shops. Like nearly all product lines, things are hit and miss, but for the price i think you can experiment. Most of the products i have seen start at £1 and go up to £3 maybe more.

I have used, the lip pencil, the jumbo eyeshadow pencils( as a base), and little things here and there, but i must make this post about the one thing i cannot live without.
Laval Blusher in Chincilla. It is my holy grail blush and i love me some blush!
Where do i start, i bought this for 2 quid in a market and went back and bought another one. I just love the colour, it gives a warm rich colour and it lasts all day.
No camera(i’m working on it!) so no swatches(boo!) but it is a lovely colour.
It comes in 6 shades: Cinnamon, Chincilla, Peach Haze, Damson, Frosted Pink, Mulberry, Terracotta, Russet and Tawny.

You can purchase from here, for £1.50