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Easy to apply, ditch the little brush and use an angled eyeliner brush, its easier to use, but if you’re skilled use the lil brush they provide
Dark deep colour
Cheap(ish) £3.91
Availability-Superdrug, any black hair shop

Does not last! Ohmigosh i went out in the day, 4 hours later it had disappeared into a murky blemish. I was p****!
I need to reiterate that this thing does not last!!!!! Urgh. Seriously, i did my makeup 20 mins later it was fading! This was after i had already used it on top of black eyeshadow as a liner!

If you do use this you have to use black eyeshadow/eyeliner then go over it with the Ink Pot.
It looked so good but i am so mad it didn’t last!!! Urghhhh, i will update with photos( timed!)

Boo Sleek Boo!

Rant over and Out!!!!